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Turquoise Sky


I'm so glad we found each other

Are you ready to change but not sure how? You're in the right place! Whether you're on a journey of self-discovery, aiming to thrive at work, or looking to embrace fitness, then read on.

Who am I?


Now there's a big question, but I guess you are meaning that a little more specifically.

I'm not your average coach - I believe in bringing a sense of humour and light-heartedness to the table while still delivering results; and help others while doing so.

I offer several services:

  1. NLP coaching supporting you with general life coaching; as well as more focussed areas like presentation skills and interview coaching.

  2. Running fitness coaching helping you with personal training focussed on getting you running and keeping you healthy.

  3. Distance Reiki

As a low-support autistic and NLP Master Practitioner, I bring over two decades (I know I don't look that old, that's very kind of you to say) of coaching and corporate training experience to the table with a unique way of looking at the world. Expect coaching with a touch of humour because the journey to self-discovery should be enlightening and enjoyable.

And here's what makes coaching with me completely different.  I don't get a penny.

Yes that's right.  I have a day job: I do coaching in my spare time because I am passionate about helping people.  100% of my coaching fees goes directly to a charity of your choice.  We book a mutual date and time for your sessions and before each, you donate the fee to a charity of your choice and send me confirmation of payment.  I pay for my own running costs myself.

Before all this, of course, we'll have an initial video chat to look at your goals for coaching.  I don't take on a lot of clients at once so what you need needs to be something I feel I can help with, and that I'm the right coach for you.

NLP Coaching

NLP based coaching to support life changes

Running Fitness

Coaching to help you run for pleasure and injury free


Distance Reiki to help you relax and heal.

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